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After the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic, businesses had to rethink their blind optimism about the traditional financial system. Turns out that no one is protected against inflation, and companies need to choose safer options for handling and storing their capital. With an industry standard-setter like Exscudo, scam platforms are no longer a threat – there is a simple and comprehensive way to manage both fiat and crypto payments. With over 600 supported currency pairs and 10 fiat payment options, Exscudo is easily one of the most fiat-friendly crypto platforms. In this review, we’ll cover its FinTap wallet, payment gateway, and other products – as well as analyze why one particular user called Exscudo a scam back in 2019.

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It is the key feature of the second ‘package’ of services. The Marketing Department of Exscudo consists of 6 people with different competences, including internet marketing, public relations, community management, etc. The team also collaborates with advisors and ambassadors across the world that consult the company on foreign markets. This is especially important for the Exscudo international expansion.

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Pay with Euros or cryptocurrencies at more than 46 million merchants around the world. You can purchase cryptocurrencies using your bank card or bank transfer with zero fees. The price is calculated using a global volume-weighted average price formula which is based on the pairings available on different exchanges of a particular crypto asset. For examples and more detailed information on how we track cryptocurrency prices and other metrics, see our methodology page here. The FinTap wallet leverages the OTC Exchange core and allows users to trade about 600 crypto and fiat pairs.

With Exscudo, it remains to be seen how successful it will be – if it’s successful at all. Unlike Tierion (which trades on HitBTC, a market for post-ICO coins that aren’t found on regular exchanges, like Poloniex or Cryptopia), Exscudo hasn’t traded anywhere yet – the project is forthcoming. They launch their “test net” on October 4, and the entire project has been delayed. Exscudo company is an entity registered in the EU Economic Area . The activity of the company is transparent and complies with the EU financial regulation.


Exscudo is legally regulated, and this allows us to deal with major financial institutions. But Exscudo is also secure and anonymous for those who prefer cryptocurrencies only. We offer products for quite all user categories, and they are easy to use, flexible and secure.

how to buy polymath poly is a company that aims to expand to various jurisdictions in different parts of the world, so it can become a truly global project. Its main goal is to integrate cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial world and to create a single gateway to the market for common users, traders, investors and financial institutions. Both the wallet and the gateway support over 60 crypto and fiat currencies, as well as 10 fiat payment options, including PayPal, SEPA transfers, and MasterCard. Below is a list of the five key reasons why merchants benefit from accepting crypto, based on Exscudo reviews. To receive EUR, a Crypto Debit Card with IBAN Account is required.

Wyre is a cryptocurrency exchange and technology platform that focuses on building compliant fiat-to-crypto on and off-ramps. It offers payments for crypto applications, global payout infrastructure, crypto, and NFT wallet custody, crypto swaps, blockchain connectivity, know-your-customer , user onboarding, and more. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in San Francisco, California. The company announced it was being acquired by Bolt for $1.5B in 2022. In Jan 2023, the company announced it was shutting down.

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With it, one can easily integrate some of FinTap’s features into another blockchain app. All 60+ supported currencies can be swapped in hundreds of pairs, including those you won’t find on other exchanges. 1) Fiat deposits and withdrawals using 10 different payment systems. The wallet enables MasterCard, SEPA bank transfers, PayPal, and many others. More than that – a merchant should have the option of converting crypto into fiat currency – any fiat currency – on the spot.

  • Uberpay’s goal is to make it easier and more powerful for everyone to adapt cryptocurrencies for their day to day use with merchants.
  • After few months launch of the official platform this token is still struggling to find the stable floor and show some kind of attractive performance.
  • Outperforms PayPal in quarterly processing volume, so analysts’ forecasts about it scaling to the level of MasterCard or Visa don’t seem so unrealistic anymore.
  • The smart transactions are not executed on nodes technically, but any transaction that needs confirmation by the blockchain has a commission for nodes.
  • FTP has already been audited by the blockchain security firm Hacken, which didn’t find any vulnerabilities.

The “Target” column is the amount we want to see our allocations get to – but, as you can see in the “3-Jan” column, in some respects we have a ways to go. (Thanks to CoinMarketCap.com for the above chart.) Right now, we’re looking at a 30-day price range of $10.77 to $19, with the price holding steady around $12 or $13 the past couple days. But the math behind becoming a block producer and the ecosystem and the apps being worked on will probably drive speculators into the market this week. COVID-19 has clearly highlighted the challenges faced by the global economy. As a result, people have become better at understanding the nature of inflation and how it can affect both their personal income and business environment.

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Up to 40% of the buyers who used crypto payments did that for the first time. Exscudo are launching a new cryptocurrency exchange, two key features being created by this Estonian company are safety and a bridge to the banking system. Exscudo will be a heavyweight in the exchange arena. The name exscudo means “Ex” for exchange and “scudo” which means shield in Italian. Exscudo was also the name of the Portuguese currency when Portugal was at the peak of its imperial prowess.

I think it will give a new force to the project, wait and see what happens. Advertised sites are not endorsed by the Bitcoin Forum. They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. Don’t expect anytime it will rise, we need this market to recover first then maybe we have a chance afterwards. I se at the telegram on, a lot of people were disappointed. I thought, this is useless,every week update,but the price eon is getting destroyed.

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A Crypto Debit Card with IBAN Account to receive EUR. Pay with cryptocurrencies or Euros at over 46 million merchants worldwide. Purchase cryptocurrencies with your bank card or a bank transfer with Zero fees.

The app has no inside way of deactivating it but when someone is in breach, they are quick to deactivate. They are quick to accept your money your coins but won’t help you when you want to leave. CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. In addition to tracking price, volume and market capitalisation, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open-source code development, major events and on-chain metrics.

Will usually ship within 1 https://coinbreakingnews.info/ day of receiving cleared payment. Ensure that your company and products are accurately represented on our platform. Of course, a certain level of centralization was essential at the early stage, including for compliance reasons. But by the end of 2023, the team wants to make the whole ecosystem decentralized, including all of its products.

We can’t expect businesses to join crypto because it’s ‘the future’ – we have to give them practical reasons to do so, and that’s what MultiAcquiring does’. Too many users have been burned by scammers before, and unfortunately it causes a lot of them to leave crypto for good. Scams cause damage not just to their victims but to bona fide projects, too, robbing them of potential audiences. This is why conmen, not regulators, are the biggest threat to the industry’. After analyzing user reviews, Exscudo has revealed one thing that’s valued by customers most – the absence of geographical limits. Blockchain technology makes international payments possible without delays and embarrassing fees.

As a result, former mistrust in cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech is being replaced by genuine interest. In fact, according to the expert team of Exscudo, scam isn’t the biggest problem hindering the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies – rather, the lack of quality fiat-crypto ramps is. On the end-user side, too, there is a clear lack of easy-to-use wallets that support fiat. This is the challenge that Exscudo’s EON blockchain, FinTap wallet, and the MultiAcquiring gateway set out to solve. Businesses don’t have to pay acquiring fees on crypto transactions – only a processing fee of around 1%. By contrast, banks charge up to 5% on card payments.

Think you have what it takes to join our rebellion against the old financial system? With businesses facing serious flaws in the traditional financial system, entrepreneurs have started to consider Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to Exscudo reviews by real users, many companies have tried crypto processing for the first time and were surprised by how efficient it is. In this guide, we take a closer look at the financial benefits of blockchain, solutions provided by Exscudo, scam threats and ways to save on transaction fees. As a financial metric, market cap allows you to compare the total circulating value of one cryptocurrency with another. Large cap cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have a market cap of over $10 billion.